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Regulations rental of artworks of Soul Insight by individuals (only available in the Netherlands)

A natural person of 18 years old and older can be subscribed as a customer.
A customer can rent artworks for the rates mentioned below.

Unwed rate for subscription                                                 € 10,-
Rental of an artwork size 40 cm x 50 cm                               € 5, - per month
Rental of an artwork size A2                                                 € 7,50 per month
Rental of an artwork size A1                                                 € 10,- per month

A customer can select a period of six or twelve months.
During the period a customer can exchange the artwork for a different artwork of the same size once in six months.

As soon as the customer selected an artwork, this artwork will be reserved by Soul Insight.
Application takes place at the website Application for rental of an artwork also means that the customer read the regulations and agrees with these terms.
During the application the customer can select either payment for the whole amount or payment in terms.

Starting date
The starting date is the date that the artwork is transferred tot the customer.
Before the transfer a contract will be signed. The contract contains the following elements:

  • The starting date and ending date
  • The name of the selected artwork
  • The size of the artwork
  • The market price of the artwork
  • The payment method
  • The remaining payment terms if applicable
  • The customer signs for following the terms of the regulations and for transfer of the artwork.

Ending the rental of the artwork
The rental of the artwork ends automatically after the period of six or twelve months.

The period can be extended when the customer wishes to do so.
Soul Insight can terminate the contract if the regulations are not followed by the customer. The customer will be notified of this decision by a written document with motivation.

In a situation like this Soul Insight can decide that the customer loses the right to apply again.

Payment can be done by paing the rate for the whole period at once or in payment terms.

Payment in terms in case of 1 artwork will take place as follows:

Rental artwork                        First payment             Second term   Third term      4th term         
40cmx 50cm (6 months)          € 25,-                          € 15,-                                                 
40cmx50cm (12 months)         € 25,-                           € 15,-               € 15,-              € 15,-
A2 (6 months)                         € 27,50                        € 27,50
A2 (12 months)                       € 27,50                        € 24,17            € 24,17            € 24,17
A1 (6 months)                         € 40,-                          € 30,-
A1 (months)                            € 40,-                          € 30,-               € 30,-              € 30,-

Total amounts:

40 cmx 50 cm (6 months)        € 40,-
40 cmx 50 cm (12 months)      € 70,-
A2 (6 months)                         € 55,-
A2 (12 months)                       € 100,-
A1 (6 months)                         € 70,-
A1 (months)                            € 130,-

The payment of the terms will be requested by a payment request. These amounts should be paid within two days.

Purchase of an artwork
The artworks of Soul Insight which are available for rental can be bought as well. In case of purchase of the artwork, the payment for rent will be terminated as soon as the payment for the purchase has been received, unless the customer wishes to proceed the rental with a different artwork.

In case of a purchase of the artwork, the total amount will be decreased with the amount that has been paid for the rental of the artwork. This term is also applicable when the customer selects a different artwork.

Rental of the artwork
When the customer does not execute the payment terms, the customer should return the artwork immediately.

When the customer fails to return the artwork, the customer will be charged for the costs to retrieve the artwork.

Management and responsibility
The artwork should be conserved in the state and form of the artwork on the day the customer received it. The customer treats the artwork with the utmost care during the transport from and to Soul Insight and at home.

N.B. The Encaustic Art works of Soul Insight are made of beeswax. The beeswax can melt at high temperatures. The customer should make sure that the artwork will be protected against high temperatures.

The customer is obliged to report to Soul Insight the following cirumstances:
  • Damage, absence or loss of the artwork
  • Removal or change of address
  • Seizure by the Tax Institute or another third party

Additional regulations:
The customer is not allowed to transfer the management of the artwork or the artwork itself to a third party.
Recovery and other constructions can only be executed by Soul Insight or a third party selected by Soul Insight.

The artworks of Soul Insight will be insured for fire, burglary and water damage. Damage of glass is not included.
The customer is responsible for all costs, aggregations costs and legal costs because of neglectance of the customer in any possible way.

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